Editorial: ‘I’ve got a very large inbox’ to manage the ‘bigger picture’ of @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter feed

Executive Editor Jeff Bercovici said his job now is to do “whatever it takes” to keep the president’s account “the best in the business.”

“There’s a lot of pressure, because I’m the editor of a news organization that is owned by the president of the United States,” Bercics told “CBS This Morning.”

“And that’s what I’m going to do, and I’m not going to let him take that pressure off of me.”

Bercic’s role includes monitoring Trump’s Twitter accounts, but it’s not his sole responsibility.

He’s also responsible for the tweets posted by the first family.

In March, the president wrote that he was “on a roll” with his Twitter followers, “going strong” as of Thursday morning.

“It’s the best tweet machine I’ve ever seen,” Trump said in a tweet.

“Just check out what’s going on.”

Trump also tweeted that he has “a lot of good people” behind him, but he said they’re “not the same people that have run the country for the past eight years.”

He has been critical of media coverage, saying in January that the media is “a very, very dishonest media.”

He said he’s “been very critical” of the way the media has covered his administration.

“They’re all biased against me, they’re all against me,” Trump wrote.

“So I have to be very tough on them.”

In May, Trump tweeted that “many” of his followers are “failing badly” at following his administration and he “can’t be bothered to watch the Fake News Media.”

He also said he was the first president in modern history to tweet directly to a reporter.

In June, Trump again criticized the media, saying “it’s the biggest failing in news.”

“I’ve been very critical of the media,” Trump tweeted.

“I’m not gonna be in the same league as Bill Clinton, who’s been in the news for a long time.”

Trump’s use of Twitter as a means of communication has been controversial for a while, as it has become an increasingly important platform to communicate his views.

The president frequently uses Twitter to attack his political opponents, and he has frequently expressed his opinions on social media.

His administration has used Twitter to spread inaccurate information about the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Puerto Rico crisis and the federal investigation into the Orlando shooter.

In July, the White House removed the president from Twitter, following backlash from his critics.