Why do freelancers want to be a travel writer?

I am a freelancer and travel writer.

I have a passion for travel writing and I want to share it with you.

What makes you decide to become a travel blogger?

I am constantly writing about travel and the way I see the world.

If you are looking to get into travel writing, it is something that is growing in popularity all over the world and I think it is great that the whole world is following it.

What is your main travel writing challenge?

There are so many challenges that are out there for travel writers.

For me, the main challenge is writing in an honest, non-biased manner and I try to do that by doing research and asking the right questions.

I would say that the biggest challenge I have to overcome is my own personal brand, I am not one of those guys who think I am special.

I am one of the average people who are looking for something different.

How can you find inspiration in other countries and inspire others to follow your footsteps?

The world is full of inspiration and I love that it is a global movement and a global conversation.

So when I am writing, I want people to feel inspired by the fact that we are all connected and I also want them to feel encouraged.

I try not to take things personally but just try to put together a great story that has a happy ending.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about traveling in India?

India has a lot of different cultures, but there is one thing that is always present: the lack of infrastructure and services.

I always tell people that you can’t travel anywhere without having a good car.

When I was growing up, I always thought it was impossible because the infrastructure was so limited.

I had to buy a brand new car in India every year.

What would you do if you were stranded in India without a car?

I would try and go to another city, if possible, a big city like Mumbai or Delhi.

What advice would you give to a young or aspiring travel writer looking to start their career?

You need to always be flexible and look for opportunities wherever you are in your career path.

I think the key is to keep doing what you love and try to find something that you love to do.

How do you balance the passion for writing and the desire to travel?

It is hard to balance both.

I love to write about things that interest me and to travel and I have tried my best to balance that with what is important in life, like family and friends and doing my best.

What are your favorite travel destinations in India and why?

I love New York and Paris.

I also love Delhi.

I’m also a big fan of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

What was your favorite part of your time in India, what are you most excited to visit next?

The best part of India for me was the weather.

The climate is always perfect and there is nothing more beautiful than sunny skies.

The people here are also very hospitable.

I do like to visit the beautiful beaches in Puducherry, Surat, Goa and Bengaluru.

What’s the most memorable moment of your career?

It was when I was in New York for a job interview and my agent asked me to write a piece on what the best cities are for travel.

I went on a plane to the US and met my agent.

I was very excited because I knew I was going to get the interview done.

I thought that I had done my job and that was all that mattered.

What can freelancers do to help others get started in their careers?

Read the book Lonely Planet India, it gives you the basics of what it takes to be successful.

There is also an app called Lonely Planet China, which is an app for people who live in China.

The app will help you connect with local travel bloggers and help you find opportunities.

You can also check out my free e-book, How to Become a Travel Writer, which explains everything you need to know to become an excellent travel writer in India.

What does a travel bloger look for in a travel journalist?

A travel journalist needs to be able to travel, write about travel, share information about travel that will help others and to have a good rapport with the local population.

The most important thing is that a travel writing bloger must have a great knowledge of the culture and languages that the region has.

A writer can also have a strong sense of humour and be able do research and ask the right question.

A blogger must be able write about their favourite places, eat, shop and have fun.

Are there any tips you would share with people considering starting their career in the travel industry?

Always try to work from home and stay away from the internet for a few weeks before starting your job.

I suggest getting a personal assistant or an employee to help you in your daily life and help with any tasks that may come up.

You should also have an internet connection