When India’s ‘panda’ population reaches ‘crisis point’

The Times Of India has published a photo of a Chinese “panda” in captivity that it says was rescued from a roadside zoo in Uttar Pradesh.

The picture, which was posted on social media, showed a captive tiger cub with its paws and head still attached to the ground.

It has been reported that the cub was taken to a roadside tiger park by a “mahout,” a Chinese volunteer who was reportedly a captive at the roadside zoo.

A report published in The Times on Monday said the tiger cub was rescued by volunteers of the Uttar Pradesh Wildlife Preservation Society.

“The tiger cub, named Shikang, was found by volunteers in a roadside park in Lucknow,” the report said.

According to the report, the cub is currently in a rehabilitation center at a nearby veterinary hospital.

“There are a lot of animals left in the roadside park.

The cub is the only animal in captivity in the area,” the volunteers said in a statement.

The Times of Indian said the zoo has been closed due to the incident.

“It was decided to close the roadside tiger zoo and institute a safety system for the animals, including CCTV cameras, a team of veterinarians, and the establishment of a quarantine center for the tiger,” the newspaper said.

The tigers are currently housed at a wildlife sanctuary in Uttar the report added.