What to know about the ‘crocodile’ that escaped the zoo in the middle of the night

Travel has always been a part of India’s culture, and this week’s incident at the Jawaharlal Nehru National Zoo is a reminder of just how popular it is.

The incident happened on Thursday when the croc, known as the “croc,” made a break for the entrance and jumped into the enclosure.

The zoo was evacuated and the zoo was locked down.

It is not known whether the crocs escaped or whether the zoo staff managed to catch them.

The incident has prompted many Indian celebrities to make fun of the crocodile and even the zoo itself. 

The crocodile has been spotted roaming the streets of Mumbai and its surrounding areas and even appeared in a movie called The Crocodile Jungle.

It is said that the crocheted animal has a penchant for chasing its prey and sometimes attacks people.

The zoo’s director, D.K. Gupta, said he was “thrilled” by the crochile’s escape and the people of the city had reacted with excitement.

The croc was spotted wandering around in the zoo’s grounds on Thursday night and was spotted in the courtyard by a visitor who was visiting the zoo from Bengaluru, Gupta said.

“The croc managed to escape and was seen in the yard by the visitor,” he added.

The crocodil is a member of the family Crocodylus ducanus.

The species is found in South Africa and is also known as “tiger crocodile”.