How to avoid the travel sickness that can hit Australia’s Gold Coast

Australia’s gold-mining town of Gold Coast is now facing a travel sickness epidemic as more and more of the region’s expatriates return home after the world’s hottest summer.

Tourism arrivals to Gold Coast dropped sharply this year and the area’s chief executive, Joe Bockenfeld, says it is already experiencing “an unprecedented level of isolation”.

“It’s like the last week of June and it’s really hard to get out of bed,” Mr Bockent said.

“I’m not just saying it’s the worst summer in the history of the world but in Australia it’s been a very long time.”

We have a very, very low tolerance for this.

“Mr Bockens worries that more Australians will succumb to the travel-sickness pandemic and that it is a major reason for the economic downturn.

Mr O’Connor said the region was seeing the effects of the travel flu epidemic, which is affecting tourists and expats alike.

He said the government should consider tightening travel restrictions to help reduce the number of Australians visiting Australia.

The travel flu is causing a huge spike in tourism arrivals and there are now a number of restrictions in place in the area.

In May, the State Government imposed a temporary ban on all flights and ferries to and from the Gold Coast and the rest of Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

On July 15, it introduced a one-off ban on travel to all other state-run airports and ferrives.

A ban on flights to and through the Gold, South and Central Goldfields and the Pilbara and the Kimberley was also introduced on July 16.

However, Mr O’Connors worries that the new restrictions will not be enough to stop people from travelling.

It’s going to be very hard for the government to change their minds,” he said.”

The Government’s just not going in the right direction.” “

[The ban] is not going to stop them from visiting Gold Coast, it’s not going on their itinerary.”

The Government’s just not going in the right direction.

“The Government has said it will look at measures to increase the number and speed of people arriving from other states.