‘Citizen Kane’ stars say ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ could be coming to the movies

A group of actors are warning that “Crazy, Rich Asians” could be in the movies.

“I’m hoping that the movie is not based on a real person,” the cast of the Oscar-winning 1990 movie said in a video released Wednesday.

“We all love this movie, we love this film and we love what it represents.”

But the group’s warning is a veiled threat against the film’s creators.

“Crazylrich Asians” is about an Asian-American who is a successful business mogul, but his family gets taken over by a wealthy Chinese family.

“There are no Asians in this movie,” the group said in the video.

“It’s based on people who are not real.”

The video comes a week after “Citizen K,” the story of a young Chinese-American man who is able to win over an affluent, white family by being a lawyer and a lawyer.

The movie is currently in production.

The group of Hollywood actors also addressed the issue of racial bias in Hollywood.

“Crazy rich Asians” won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2010.

Its producers, Brad Bird and Joe Carnahan, have previously spoken out about the movie’s racism.

In the video, the actors said that, “if Hollywood is going to continue to have a racial bias, there needs to be consequences.”