The NHL’s worst draft pick in the history of the league

The NHL has become the worst league in the world in its ability to select and draft good players, according to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It’s not just that the league has been in the bottom half of the standings for the last decade.

It’s that it has been the worst in the NHL in every single category except for goal scoring, which has remained in the same range for the past 15 years.

The Hall of Famer John McEnroe recently said that he’s not surprised that the NHL has failed to find talent.

“I guess you could say it’s because of a lack of competition,” McEnray said in an interview with the NHL Network.

“They don’t have to compete with the guys who are making millions and millions of dollars in this game.

So it’s just not competitive at all. “

So I guess it’s a lack in the competition for players, but it’s also the lack of players competing.

So it’s just not competitive at all.

This year’s draft has been pretty bad, but the other draft is even worse.

I think the NHL should be embarrassed, and I think that people should be ashamed, of not having a better draft.”

There are a lot more players than people being drafted.

For example, there are nearly 20 players drafted in the first round, including all the top players in the league.

More than half of those players are expected to be taken in the second round, which is where most of the NHL’s top draft picks are expected.

The next-best-known first-round pick was Auston Matthews, who was taken by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the fifth round.

Most of the other top picks are in the third, fourth and fifth rounds, where there are only nine players drafted.

At this point, I don’t think it’s really a surprise to see the NHL rank in the top five.

If you look at all the other leagues in the entire world, they rank anywhere from No. 1 to No. 9.

It doesn’t even have to be one of the top three, because they could be No. 2.

The fact that they have one of those two is quite impressive.

And then you look into the last four or five years, they have four or four or even five first- and second-round picks, and they’re all in the very bottom two of the draft.

There were a couple of picks that weren’t really drafted well, but that was one of them.

I don-t know if it’s an accident, but I don think they were probably a little bit of a bust.

But then the second pick, I mean, it’s kind of funny, because I don and I understand why they got that pick.

Now, it has to be said that they were not really good enough to be considered NHL-ready, but they’re good enough that you don’t necessarily need a pick.

The rest of the players were solid enough to get a chance to play in the National Hockey League.

They are not going to be NHL-worthy.

They just didn’t have the best chance to.

When the NHL is not being competitive, it will look to the outside for talent.

So we’ll see how this draft turns out, but what’s clear is that the draft is not producing talent, and that is the most important thing.