How to build a professional sports franchise

The best way to build an NFL team is to invest heavily in a team’s infrastructure.

That’s a lesson the Cowboys learned when the franchise relocated to Dallas, where it is still struggling to find a home.

The team spent the past six years building its own stadium, the American Airlines Center, with a $1.5 billion stadium lease that expires in 2023.

But the team’s owners also invested in the Cowboys’ infrastructure, which has allowed it to grow from one of the worst teams in football to one of its strongest.

Here’s how to build one.


Build a stadium.

The Cowboys are among a handful of NFL teams that have a $2 billion stadium bond issue.

That issue is meant to help build the Cowboys Stadium, a new $200 million stadium that will open in 2018.

The Cowboys’ stadium is built on land leased from the city of Dallas.

The city agreed to pay for the stadium with a long-term lease.

The NFL is currently considering extending that lease to 2023, though that issue has not been resolved.

The franchise is looking for a $150 million investment to build the stadium.

The owners want to add a stadium for the 2019 season.

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys says the team is in talks with a developer about a potential $300 million stadium in Inglewood.


Build the team.

If you want to build your own team, you’ll need to pay $150,000 for a team bond.

That bond can be secured for as long as 30 years.

The bonds are issued on the assumption the team will win the Super Bowl.

The bond issue is set to expire in 2028.

The $150 bonds are expected to be issued in 2024.


Purchase a franchise.

Owners are still looking for $150 to buy the team outright.

The deal could include a team logo, naming rights and other perks.

The league’s board of governors will vote on the purchase plan this month.

The sale would need approval by owners and a vote of the full board.


Sign the team to a long term lease.

Once the owners get the team, they can sign the team into a long time-term stadium lease.

This is what is called a franchise agreement.

Owners have the option of signing a longer term lease, which typically lasts 30 years or longer.

The stadium lease lasts for 20 years.


Get a team in a new city.

The owners can buy a team from a different city than the one they own.

They can also sign a new team with a city that they own or are building.

The ownership is still looking to buy a franchise, but they’re not yet done with that effort.

The Dallas Cowboys could be the first team to do this, but it’s not certain.


Build an NFL stadium.

If the owners buy the franchise, they’ll need a $300,000 stadium renovation to build.

They will also need a new stadium for football and basketball.

The current Cowboys Stadium will stay in Dallas, though the team hopes to expand to other cities in the future.


Create a new owner.

The team could go into a new ownership structure.

Owners can purchase a new franchise, which gives them control of the team for 30 years, but then they can sell the team if the owners are unable to keep the team in the current structure.

A new ownership group could buy the current franchise.


Draft a quarterback.

The league has made it very clear that it wants to keep quarterbacks.

The draft is a key step in that process.

There are more than 60 players who are eligible to be drafted, but only a handful will be selected.

The players that are eligible are usually the best quarterbacks available in the draft.

The next two players in line for the top overall pick are Alabama’s Jalen Hurts and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson.

The top overall selection is a toss-up between Michigan’s Malik Zaire and Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer.

Both players were ranked as the No. 1 overall player by Pro Football Focus.

Zaire, a four-star quarterback, is considered a top-10 prospect by most teams and a top five prospect by ESPN.