How to take over a big tech company without firing your CEO

By Alex Wroblewski | 05/15/17 10:07pm EDT | Updated 05/17/17 11:00pm EDT A big tech firm is hiring for its chief executive, but they’re not just looking for a CEO.

They’re also looking for someone who can run the company like a small business.

The hiring spree includes more than 70 hires, but it’s unclear who those are.

A new report says that in the past few months, more than 1,000 jobs have been filled.

Some of those jobs are for new employees, but the biggest hiring spree has come from former executives who are looking for new positions.

A few weeks ago, CEO of social media giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was interviewed by Business Insider, which is owned by AOL.

He is the third-largest shareholder of AOL and the company’s parent company is Alphabet, the tech giant’s parent.

AOL has struggled with slowing subscriber growth, but Zuckerberg is expected to make a huge impact on the company.

The report says Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Cox, will lead the search for a new chief executive.

Facebook’s hiring spree is a huge blow to the company, and its board of directors has been in discussions about who should take over the company for the past year.

The company has already been hit by a massive data breach, which led to its CEO and other top executives resigning.

Facebook is expected in 2018 to report a net loss of $6 billion.

The stock is down more than 40% this year, but has been doing quite well over the last two years.

Facebook was valued at $40 billion in 2016, according to the New York Stock Exchange.