will soon become the most visited website in the world

Crypto Coins’ founder Alexey Moiseev has announced that, the first global blockchain startup, will soon launch an official platform for the publication of all blockchain-related articles in the company’s flagship publication, Forbes.

The announcement follows an acquisition of in May by a group of US investors led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.,, and are all already part of the Forbes suite of online publications.

The two news outlets, founded in 2012 by co-founder and chief technology officer Alexey Milonov, will each operate independently from the main Blockchain.

Com website, and will offer a variety of content, including videos, news, graphics, and interviews.

Forbes CEO Joseph Poon has said in the past that he believes blockchain can be a “game-changer” in the publishing industry.

“We think that it will be an essential platform for our company to expand,” Moisevenev said.

“Our mission is to help everyone from small and medium-sized companies to big and small media outlets to become better and more informed.

We believe blockchain technology is here to stay.”

The two companies announced their collaboration on social media and advertising platforms, with Moisev stating that they aim to build “a global network of news consumers and advertisers.”

The partnership with Forbes follows a collaboration with other media outlets and companies in the media industry, such as Bloomberg and the Financial Times.

In addition to Forbes, Moisevil’s company has also launched a new partnership with the University of Texas at Austin to help accelerate the advancement of blockchain technologies.

Moiseveev also announced a partnership with a technology-focused start-up called TheBlockchain Institute.

The Blockchain Institute has worked to develop applications for companies to use blockchain technology to automate processes in their supply chain, such the acquisition of the data management service Zentech for the development of the Zentek blockchain application.

The company plans to use the platform to create “a new way to build decentralized, private, and secure data centers that will enable data to be shared across the globe.”


Info is a blockchain platform and the first digital news aggregator to be launched in the United States.

The platform will launch in late 2019, and aims to connect journalists, reporters, and news organizations with their audience in an easy and secure way.

The service will allow users to access articles from any publication on any topic, including digital media outlets, as well as content from social media platforms.

Moisesev has said that the platform will allow content aggregators to reach their audience faster and provide better access to their audiences, especially those in the developing world.

“Blockchain is changing the way media is produced, edited, and delivered.

It is the foundation for a new era of digital journalism,” Moiseseva said in a statement.

“It is exciting to be a part of this transformation and see how Blockchain.IO will change the world of journalism for the better.”

The announcement comes as the technology industry continues to explore new avenues for its development, and the financial industry continues its work on a global blockchain solution.

According to a report from TechCrunch, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has announced its “first-ever blockchain advisory board,” with more than 100 members.

The advisory board is tasked with advising companies on blockchain issues and is composed of industry leaders and industry experts.

“For more than a decade, the Chamber has worked closely with a broad range of industry players, from financial institutions and banks to startups, governments and nonprofits to start-ups,” the Chamber stated in a release.

“This advisory board will serve as a place for our members to provide input and share their ideas on the use of blockchain technology in the financial services sector.”

A spokesperson for the Chamber of Digital Commerce confirmed the report, stating, “As a digital news organization, we have always looked for ways to bring transparency and accountability to the industry.”