How to read the salary cap: The top 10 numbers

The NHL has been running a series of salary cap calculations over the last few years.

This week, the league has released its final numbers on how much money each team will make in 2018-19 and how much each team can earn over the next three seasons.

Here are the top 10 salary cap numbers, per

Dallas Stars ($69.6 million cap hit): They’ll only have to spend $6.3 million on forwards and $6 million on defense.

They’ll have to give up $8.3m in salary for the rest of the year to make room for that $6m.2.

Montreal Canadiens ($72.9 million cap line): They will only have $16.9m in cap space to spend on players for the entire season, but they will only spend $7.9million on defense in 2018.3.

Florida Panthers ($72 million cap): The Panthers will have to pay $7m in each of the next two seasons for the right to sign Justin Schultz, which is expected to cost $6,000,000.

The Panthers also will have $8 million to spend in free agency.4.

Nashville Predators ($73.9 m cap line and $76.3 m cap hit: $9.4 million in cap room and $10.5 million in salary).

The Predators will be able to sign veteran defenseman Filip Forsberg, but will have a $6-million cap hit to spend, which will push their cap figure to $76 million.5.

Tampa Bay Lightning ($74.9 and $78.9 cap line, $8 m cap hits and $9 m salary): They are only $3.6m in the black and will only need $4.5m to sign goaltender Ben Bishop and forward Nick Bonino, but only $2.5 m in cap flexibility to make it happen.6.

Anaheim Ducks ($76.9M cap): They can only spend about $6M in 2018 on defense and $8m in 2018, but the Ducks have the option to sign goalie Jhonas Enroth and forward Matt Beleskey.

They also have the ability to sign another goalie.7.

Colorado Avalanche ($79.5M cap and $82.5 cap line: $8,500,000 in cap savings and $13,500 in salary cap space).

Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is expected get $9 million to sign forward Gabriel Landeskog, who is the team’s first-round pick.8.

Chicago Blackhawks ($83.9, $85.9): They have $17.9-million in cap relief, so they have the flexibility to sign two unrestricted free agents, but it’s unlikely they’ll be able with their salary cap cap.9.

Detroit Red Wings ($84.5 and $86.5): They only have a cap hit of $15.5-million, so their cap space will only be about $4-million lower than they were this past season.10.

Ottawa Senators ($88.5, $92.5) : The Senators are $8-million under the cap this year and can sign a restricted free agent, so it’s expected they’ll use the cap space for a forward and defense, but there’s not much to report at this point.