Why I’m canceling my trip to Hong Kong

Travel writer James Dickey, who has been in the city since last September, has decided to pull out of his trip to the city.

“I am cancelling my trip in Hong Kong and will be returning home in the next few days,” he wrote in a tweet.

“For now, I am not able to participate in the Hong Kong events.

I will try to do my best to make the most of the time I have in Hong.


The tweet included a link to his personal website and a short note explaining that he would be taking a “short break.”

It also included a screenshot of his Facebook page.

“It was a mistake,” he said in a video interview.

“In retrospect, I should have been more proactive and not let it get this out of hand.

I’ve never done anything like this before and I will not do it again.”

He said he was also leaving Hong Kong because of a “health and safety issue.”

“It is my absolute opinion that the city’s safety is compromised by a high number of police and security personnel who are out of control,” he added.

He said that he had no idea why the city was being put under so much stress, and had “never experienced anything like it before.”

“If I was to travel to any country in the world, the first thing I would do is to visit as many places as possible and make my own observations and get a better understanding of the country, and the people there, and their culture and their history and their way of life,” he told The Verge.

“The best thing I can do is stay in the country and see how it’s being managed and what it means to live there.”