Trump tweets he’s ‘trying to do the right thing’ by banning transgender people from military

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that he’s “trying the best I can” to ban transgender people and people of “non-traditional gender identity” from the military, and that it’s “time to do so.”

“I am trying to do everything I can to do right by our troops and the men and women of the military.

I am truly trying,” Trump wrote.”

The transgender ban is the wrong approach,” he continued.

“It is not the right approach for the military or our country.

The military needs men and men of integrity and courage.”

The president made the remarks on Twitter, after tweeting that he wants to hear “from the American people” on his decision.

The military has historically been the most conservative branch of the federal government.

Trump has faced criticism for his stance on transgender rights in the military after the Obama administration announced a transgender policy in 2017, which included allowing transgender people to serve openly in the service.